Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012

The car didn't start.

The car didn't start.
"It drives good." said one of the guys who came with a big battery booster. "Try it now." The car still wasn't reacting. When Sisto pulled out the keys he hold the complete locker part in hand.
They jumped around on top of the motor block while I was trying to get the door open. With the same result as trying to open the crooked window.
Sisto released me and we already had made a decision. This car won't drive us nowhere!

/By the way: they wanted 1595$ for it. Not a joke.


Lillesis hat gesagt…

No way? Hm, maybe the car was one of those that have a hidden special power. Maybe it would've spoken to you, and had ejection seats and could fly? ;)

birrrd hat gesagt…

Maybe. But it didn't reveal it's powers to us. So I guess we were not meant to own it. Sisto " I really liked it but it didn't like us."

nähmarie hat gesagt…

schräg. :/ hoffe ihr habt beim nächsten versuch mehr glück... oder vielleicht doch lieber einen guten, alten t3? ;) spannend find ich das ja schon, also wieviele es da drüben überhaupt gibt und wie die preise so sind... also falls ihr mal einen probefahrt, berichte unbedingt!

LG, maria