Sonntag, 15. Juli 2012


Yesterday we went to Orlando. To visit our first US-Noise-Show. 

We had to wait for some hours cause when we arrived at the club there was another concert going on before the show we wanted to see. We couldn't find out the time, how stupid! 
We arrived in Orlando about 6 o' clock. Had a short look at a car that was sold 4 months ago and then had to idle for about 4 hours.
Luckily we found the nicest spot we could have been to in the whole city. We found a big 500-year old  oak tree. There was a tiny park built around it. And a sign about the age of the tree and historical events that happened within it's lifetime.


500-year old life. I still can't believe it. That's impressive, amazing, just wonder-ful!

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Matthias hat gesagt…

Alte Bäume, Liebende die sich in Bäume verwandeln, damals in Griechenland, Brot mit Erdnussbutter und Bananenscheiben fand ich immer sehr lecker, Gratulation zum neuen Leben, Mail folgt...