Samstag, 11. August 2012

Lately Finds

We have been around. In thrift stores. On yard sales. Sometimes lucky and often not at all. So much crap everywhere. And nice things are often pricey.
On friday there was a clearance sale at a thrift store in Crystal River. We had seen it when we got there for the starter and waited the whole week long for friday to come.
It was awesome. The thrift store had some nice things. And you could go through each and every box in every room of the building. The had a big garage with yet not sorted items in big boxes. They had a bunch of halloween stuff. They had electronics and a few pretty boxes.

And we got a whole bunch of stuff for 15 bucks.
Sisto found an equalizer. And my treasure find was an old handmade quilt. A little bit worn out and to be repaired on the edges, but someones beautiful craft.

 The little iron is from todays tour. The only find on a long and annoying morning looking for at least a few hidden yard sales around Inverness. The little pocket I got from a thrift store a few weeks ago when I was looking for something to carry around bills and coupons and international drivers licenses and stuff like that. It's doing me a good service!

You know what? I can't await to look for things in Portland or when we're traveling the country. Looking for treasures in the nowhere! What nice things did you find on flea markets or in thrift stores?

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