Donnerstag, 30. August 2012


We get ready for the next part of our journey. We prepare for our trip to Portland, OR.

Yesterday I run a sewing marathon to get our curtains seamed. And also produced some sort of bedskirt so our storage room is a little bit hidden.

The day before we made our second attempt to built a stable bed. The first frame wasn't solid at all because the wood we had bought was too thin. Now it's there and we're so satisfied. The bed is so comfy once you lie down, you don't want to leave again.

Next week we're leaving Florida. First heading towards Texas. We'll make a stop in Houston for Sisto to play a concert there. Afterwards we're planning on going to Denver to see beautiful Colorado.
We want to cross some national parks on our way to the southwest and I'm really looking forward to riding our nice bus through all those awesome landscapes.

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