Montag, 27. August 2012


A few weeks ago Sisto opened an avocado that was so ripe the pit inside had already split. A little sprout lurked in the middle so I couldn't resist. I planted it.

I had to be patient but now is the time.

My dill though never made it. Not a single plant did grow from the seeds I sowed in my first month here. Another project was more successful. When we had pineapple once, I remembered a project from a gardening book of my childhood. So I saved the top with the greens and I just put it on the ground outside and frequently watered it. You can as well do so in a pot. You can finally see that it must have developed some roots 'cause it got new leaves and the greens brightened up a lot.

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

Oh wow! First the sourdough starter, then the bread. (which looks delicious! I was envious and am so happy to be back to Germany soon for good bread. ^^) And now your plants! :) I'd never have thought the pineapple experiment would work. Great!