Freitag, 24. August 2012


Being here raises a lot of questions in me. I even more stumble upon topics that already bothered me back in germany. But here I feel those issues are 1000 times worse.

Like: what food do I want to buy if most of the things that I can afford are either highly processed, full of pesticides, produced by major companies I really don't want to support, sold by large supermarkets I neither want to support ore genetically modified. And worst: most of the times all of this together.
Like: how can I live in this consumer society while knowing about the system of consuming, the system of exploitation, of waste and abuse that's hidden behind all those shiny products and in every plastic bottle that is sold in the supermarket.

I feel helpless and caged in the face of those facts.
And I stumble upon topics that I really want to share with you.
So I do:

There's a film about natural birth that will be screened quite soon where ever people are willing to screen it.

And there's things to consider when you go out to buy "organic" stuff

There's more. Sure! There's so much more. Like the gmo-labeling debate going on right now in California. And the fact that there are still millions and millions of cows, pigs, turkeys and chickens that are tortured every day because people feel the need to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner meat, drink milk that was meant to feed baby animals and fill their cholesterol level up with eggs.
Yes, there's soo much more. There's so much I'm getting sick right now.

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