Donnerstag, 27. September 2012

Hard times in a sunny town

The temperature is about perfect. A little bit chilly in the night, but that just means I have to wear more stuff and miss my german blankets.
In the daytime the sun shines. Portland really gives us a nice welcoming weather these september days and I heard october is the best month to be in town.
Still there are a lot of things that give us a hard time to enjoy all the beauties of the city.
Like finding a job. Finding a place to stay. Our car. And bikes.

Starting with the last:
We found bikes. Yes. But Sisto again got screwed by some stupid guy who sold a bike that's not really worth the money. Don't trust anybody. People are crooked. Really don't trust anybody even in the nicest city. What an asshole.
My bike is ok, just needs a little tune up.

The car had a broken brake fluid line. For us it was three days where we couldn't look for a place to stay. And since we didn't yet have bikes were kind of stuck to our friend's home. Just when we wanted to go and get a bike we figured it out. And on top of that it costed us a lot of money and we had to renew the brake shoes that had been replaced like one week ago. I really don't understand this. Really. I don't!

When looking for a home most of the people didn't even answer our emails. Probably they don't want couples in their homes or whatever but if you get a request upon something you advertised you really should be fair and give a feedback. Yes. This is annoying!
So now we found a place for one and a half month. It was the only person who did answer at all. Oh no, I forgot, there was another one that said: "Oh, yes, you can have a look, but if there's a second person it's 550 $ (instead of 400 $) a month. Is that ok?" WHAT? NO! Absolutely not.

Now our goal is to find a job. I have been walking around a few days ago for 6 hours. It gave me blisters and a lot of "you can hand us a resume, for the next time we are hiring"s... I don't know. I just write a lot of resumes and hope for a job at a kitchen show that is hiring right now. Applications and applications and applications.

Starting a life in a new town is not fun at all.
Now you know why I'm kind of absent in hyperspace. Now you know. Oh and since my camera is dead no pictures of tomato mountains and nice streets. Sorry again.

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