Freitag, 9. November 2012

After the job is before the job.

Good news is: I found another job.
It'll start on monday. And it means a little bit safety regarding our money, and being able to rent a room.

Bad news is:
There is no room yet to rent. The house we applied for denied our application today. After two weeks of letting us wait again and again J. got a letter that we wouldn't get the house. No explanation. Period.
There's another house we are trying to get in now, but who knows when that will be. Probably we have to stay in our bus for a few days. And it's cold. Wow.
And I'm working.
Full time.
No time for nice stuff, no time for theatre and my things.

You either work full time or you don't. That's it. Portland is treating us like sh*t. Literally.

I tried to spend the day doing nice things.
Yesterday we went to a fig tree we had seen a week ago. It's around the corner. It's full of ripe figs and nobody seems to care or seems to harvest them. They just fall onto the ground. Plop. Fig mud on the ground. I collected some. I also took three apples from a big tree that's hanging full, too. And seven raspberries that tasted delicious.

Today I made fig and apple jam. It worked pretty well though I didn't use any pectin apart from the apples. Two glasses.
Tomorrow we'll go and get us a warm blanket. In case we have to stay in the bus. And even if we don't have to we probably need a warm blanket. Cause, as I mentioned, it's getting pretty cold here right now.

More nice things I did during the last days enjoying my after-elections-free-time: apple sauce, banana bread, going to a show, drinking some beer, going for a walk with Sisto, cooking potato / carrot mash and I even got my knitting stuff out an hour ago.

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

Hey my big Sister (and Hey! to you too, Sisto!),

this is both good and bad. I'm happy that at least you've got a job (though, what about Sisto? is the official stuff coming to an end?), but that you and the others didn't get the house sucks. :(
I hope you're getting better treatment soon and don't have to sleep in the bus.

Many hugs and kisses! I miss you.