Mittwoch, 23. Januar 2013

maia bambul and colony collaps

The show on sunday went well. Actually it went more than that, I really enjoyed playing. Sisto joined me for this set to do the sounds. I think it was great! It was the first time that he offered me to do the sounds for this particular project.  - We once played together in Offenbach but for this occasion I didn't use an overhead projector but just a strong light, lenses and a few objects. - 
Since I knew that he would be doing different stuff than the music that I'm used to work with I prepared  a new set of material. I started off with a black screen and frames. With series and patterns. And I tried to be more minimalist and more about structures than about stories. I really liked the outcome. And it seems the audience did enjoy it, too. Hope this wasn't the only occasion for this collaboration.

The camera was in a bad angle and cut off half of the wall,
 but here's a little video if you want to get an idea of how it looked like.

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