Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

The chaos vs. me

Exterminated the chaos in our "arts room". It's a small chamber that we were planning on using for projects, as a work space... and lately as a chaos chamber. Yes. Since we moved in it was nothing but a mess. We worked in there already. Made paper maché moons. But most of the space on the counter was full with stuff: tools, dirt and paper, leftovers from making those moons and things that didn't have a place elsewhere.
Since I started working again on something more puppety a couple of days ago I felt like this should change. I need clean workspaces. Though I can mess things up pretty badly when I'm working on a project I need to put things in order every once in a while. And so I did.
Put tools in the drawer. Hanged the moons to the ceiling. Organized materials. Threw stuff away. Cleaned the surface. Improvised a little shelf thing.
Satisfied I am with the outcome. And went on with my project.

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