Samstag, 11. Mai 2013


Oregon sunshiny day
Hey there, it's a nice and sunny saturday morning (here) and we're hanging around at the coffee place with the free wifi. Checking stuff and writing things.
Yesterday night Sisto and me both played Denver noise fest. It was a great evening and I was really satisfied with my set. No problems with the gear and the sound was huge. What a PA! I was so nervous.. Sistos set was great, too, though he again faced some problems with his equipment.
So tonight we'll just enjoy watching other people play and hanging out at the place.

Denver is huge. Now we know why everybody tells you Portland is a small city. Driving into town was a major adventure. So many lanes on the interstate. Big time chaos. We're happy about our gps. First thing we did when entering this town that's so far behind with seasons (it snowed two weeks ago, right? so for sure the trees not yet have changed their attire) was checking out "local organic lunch". A raw vegan food cart. The food was really good. Only the size of the portions was just for a snack. (At least for us.)

Now we're going to check out the vegan store, maybe a thrift store, head back to the venue to join the harsh noise toast (= potluck noise fest brunch) and see if we can make new friends.
Hopefully the weekend will be lots of fun!

Last rest stop in ... ? - Idaho
3 x Wyoming
approaching Colorado...


Lilly hat gesagt…

Tolle Fotos !!!!

birrrd hat gesagt…

Es ist das Land, das unglaublich, atemberaubend und toll ist, da machen sich die Bilder ganz von selbst... Aber danke! : )