Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013


Here we are again. Our car is getting checked out because it hit the ground when we entered an unpaved road. We didn't see the road was unpaved. It didn't say the road was unpaved. The map showed it as paved. And we hit the ground. There was some oil leaking. And we're waiting for them to have it done. No major issue, they say. Nothing that comes from hitting the ground. Just eats a lot of oil and again we're worried about our car.

Yesterday evening, just after I posted everything was fine, we had some trouble with our tire, too. There were some stones stuck between tire and rim. The streets here in Wyoming are so shitty. So many holes. So many deep holes, lots of them on the freeway. So we checked that, had some mechanic at a tire shop that was luckily close by tell us his opinion. He put some stuff in there and we paid him 15 bucks. Alright. Please, no more stuff like this for the rest of the trip!

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