Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013

Ogden, UT

First thing this morning was saying Good Bye to Oregon. We spent an awesome day with our friends in Eugene. Unfortunately the show wasn't as successful since the gear freaked out and after trying two minutes to get it working I just broke up. Sisto kind of got through his set before but it was already doing this and thats..

So after driving through the woods and the plains of eastern Oregon yesterday, today we made it through Idaho. Right now we're spending just a tiny little moment in Utah before we hit the road agin towards Wyoming. Taking the safe route, I 80, towards Denver. Hoping there'll be no snow. Hoping that we reach Denver safe and sound.

My neck hurts from sleeping in the car. A rough night. I really hope tonight will be more comfy, though I'm pretty sure we just have to adjust to that kind of sleeping positions, crouched behind the steering wheel, feet on the dashboard or whatever kind of experimental yoga positions we'll find that make us fall asleep for at least a little while.

We already set the time back one hour.
Over and out.

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