Montag, 6. Mai 2013

It's that time again

The time to say good bye. Tomorrow we'll hit the road. To Eugene first, playing a show. Then over towards Denver. Another fixed point on our trip. May 10th has been confirmed for quite a while. Sisto and me are going to play at Denver noise fest. And then a third show on our way to Florida in Houston, TX. That's on the 17th. So much about our plans. Apart from that we hope to see a bit more of the gorgeous landscapes and landmarks on our way than in our fall-apart vehicle. But since we kinda have to rush to be in the right places in time, we don't really know yet. Sleeping will be adventurous, too. In the car, in the seats. But apart from that, I'm kind of relaxed. We moved so many times and such big distances that this time it almost feels normal. It almost feels like something that you're used to. Like fixing a tire every once in a while. Or cleaning out you're once again too packed closet. I don't know. Like a task that you know you're capable of.

And even though I really like Portland, I don't really feel sad about leaving. I'm kind of happy about having some distance between me and the place where I had such a hard time for a couple of months. I'll happily come back again, but right now it feels like Goodbye is the right season. One thing that came to our minds:
We came to Portland at the worst time of the year (like when it's getting cold, dark and nasty - though we had a really pretty autumn and a mild winter and I never felt too bad about the seasons since I like them like this). Now we once again move to Florida at the worst time of the year (with the humidity of summer approaching slowly).

We'll just have to stay long enough to experience winter time in the south east of the country, when it's supposed to be perfect over there.
Well, that's our plan and so it be. First we gonna cross a hell lot'a states again..

have some vegan ice cream!

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