Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

Ecola State Park

Finally here's a little bit about our last day at the Oregon coast.
We visited Ecola State Park.

From our sleeping place in the unknown little Washington village we headed towards the south. Following the directions of the nice lady at Oregon Film Museum who had told us about the site of the giant rock.

We arrived at Indiana Beach early, the air was saturated with morning fog and the sun still was pretty low. Indiana beach looked stunning. A little creek was running over a bed of round pebbles and sand and further away we saw some giant rocks at the shore.
We went towards the end of the beach, crawling over rocks and stones and exploring the different kinds of stone that had gathered in this place. Seeing crowds of fat sea stars hanging at the side of the rock above the water. It was tide.
After walking along the beach, when it got a little more crowded, we decided to hike the trail to Ecola Point.
The trail was winding along the cliff and through the forest and mud made the hike at least not too easy.  After about a good half hour we arrived at Ecola Point and saw the rock. It just looked like in the movies. Huge. Majestic. Still far away since it's closer to Cannon Beach than the Park. But as we found out later the meadow that we had a picnic on a couple hours later was exactly the place where the shot parts of "The Goonies" and "Kindergarten Cop".

Now it's out. Haha. You don't have to wonder any more.

We hiked back and took the car and our provosions to Ecola Point to have lunch and take a break from mud and shadow. The sun was bright.
We had a great time and even saw a couple of whales for a good while out in the sea.
What a perfect ending for a perfect weekend!

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