Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

About Castlewood Canyon

Here's my attempt to keep my word and tell you a bit more about our trip.

After spending the weekend in Denver, that was from may 10th to 12th, we decided we would need some wilderness time. The first thing on our way would be "Castlewood Canyon Sate Park". So we drove there and it really wasn't far at all. What we didn't take into account was mothers day weekend and that a lot of people were having picnics all over the place. Including the park. There was a huge line at the park entrance and the parking lot was quite flooded with people. Uh.
We were hoping that most of them would stay at the picnic areas or at least not too far away from their cars.

So we started our hike. Two bottles of water, some fruit, and yummy raw macaroons that we found earlier that day at whole foods in our bag-pack. A thick layer of sun screen on our faces, ears and legs and hats on since the sun was burning intensely.
Oh how beautiful it was! We first walked along the edge of a wide valley. There were big yellow rocks and small dry brush around us. The way led us towards a happy creek that we had to cross by jumping from one big rock to the next.
There was the remaining of a huge ancient dam, too. Two gigantic pieces of wall. The path curved around it and stayed close to the creek for a little while. Then it went up along the side of the canyon again and we could see the water from far up. There was a little fall side. And still lots of people. Too many..
When we came to the turning point of the trail it got emptier. We crossed the now wide open canyon and started our way up towards the rim of the other side. It went up and up and the way was now a little bit more winding and not as improved as earlier. FUN!
Climbing over some natural stairs formed by rocks, and Sisto was already far ahead of me. At the top we met. He was sitting at the edge of the canyon. What a view! Some turkey vultures were circling, the small, dry brushes everywhere, cactus and all different kinds of rock.
We had a little break but the sun was intense and we didn't wanted to stay too long since the way back was still ahead of us. So we walked the flat surface desert like canyon top trail. It was less a trail and more just finding our way. And when we were trying to find the path again it happened: I just heard him shout "I almost got bitten by a rattlesnake". He had jumped from a large rock, less cautious than usually. And saw the snake just a second before stepping on it, so he jumped back. The snake hadn't noticed him until that moment, hid underneath a rock and started to rattle. It wasn't a very big one, but if it had gotten him we would have been in real trouble. But thank luck, nothing happened.
After that we just decided to go back a couple of steps and take a small trail that led us towards the dam again and we made our way back how we had come.

Having a picnic close to the car, when the sun was already getting low and driving towards Pueblo to find a place to sleep, we agreed that this had been a great day.

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