Mittwoch, 19. Juni 2013

Bikes 2.0

Yesterday morning we got another bike. A kabuki bridgestone skyway. 
It's an old japanese racing bike which obviously is of great quality and is kinda rare. We were lucky and got it for dirt cheap. 30 bucks.. Yeah!
First we got a little worried that it was more work, than we thought, after we had loaded it into the trunk. But when we checked it again with more pace we were flabbergasted:  
This bike is awesome. I gotta get new tires for it since the old ones started to break and crumble when I exchanged the tubes. And we have to do some adjustments, a tune up, some rust cleaning and stuff like that. But that's minor. This bike is so sexy!
I'm going to order orange tires and call it Jake. Sisto's Univega is blue and he'll put white tape onto the handle bar, calling it Finn. 
You really don't have to understand...
So back to the story. I exchanged the tube, had some difficulties getting it back attached, but finally succeeded. Today I deep cleaned the chain. With a tooth pick, a tooth brush and lots of patience I managed to remove most of the dirt. 
Than we rode our bikes for the first trip. Just into town. And checking for tune up prices at the local bike shop (the dude totally admired my bike, ha). Then getting some more fix up stuff (to get rid of the rust) and spending a little time at the library. Hand books about fixing bikes and such..
And in between all that great vegan food, what else?

How do you feel about bikes: do you always maintain it, clean and tune it or are you a lazy-dazy one who just rides his bike "as is" until it dies?

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