Donnerstag, 27. Juni 2013

I wanna blog...

gofer in the yard
...but I honestly don't know what about.

Maybe that my bike got a flat tire when we tried to do our first little bike trip today. That sux. We haven't been far at all. It's hard to figure out when to go for a bike ride because of all the thunder storms here. So yesterday we planned on doing a little tour and when we wanted to leave it thundered a bit. (It didn't really start until like two hours later but you never know.)

While in the meantime we're waiting and waiting. For me to be able to start volunteering. For Sisto to start his new job at the animal shelter. For the owner of the other house to let us move in. We need to get out of that forest. We need to! We're getting crazy here.

new found retreat: steamed kale
The vacuum cleaner has a febreeze thing inside that is supposed to make you room good. To me itjust was an annoying fact to discover because I don't wanna breath chemicals and artificial scents just because my floor is dirty. On top of that my nose started to tickle and burn like an allergic reaction. What the heck, IS THAT REALLY NECESSARY?!

I bet it could kill bees, too.
saved that little turtle from the trail

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