Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

spare time - sharing time

I decided to volunteer at the local animal shelter.
No feedback from the old-people-place job or any of the bunch of other places where I applied so far. It seems like I won't have a job for that one more month that we're here. So I decided to share some of my time by helping out at the shelter. Places like this always look for help. And apart from the awesome experience of being around dogs and cats a couple of hours every week this could be a nice thing to add up to my resume and list of references, right?
But my main reason is that since I cannot take care of an abandoned poor little beast at home right now or support the organizations that do the good work I at least wanna donate some time. I at least wanna make sure that some of the millions of animals that are left on the streets, dumped in the forest and treated like they are not worth living get some of the attention that they deserve.
The shelter unfortunately is not a no-kill shelter. It is a state facility and Florida law doesn't allow them to keep animals longer than a month. Then they have to put them down.

Said that I just wanna throw out that if you consider taking in a pet please adopt, please make sure you spay/neuter, please don't take part in the massive industry that feeds on breeding those poor creatures.

Thursday I am going to have an introduction. Looking forward!

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