Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

It's raining ashes

Raining ashes, raining ashes, down on us. 
The sky is of a brownish grey, post apocalyptic almost. The air is dense and saturated with smoke. 
It smells good but intense at the same time: burned wood.

The forest department burns down the underbrush in the woods.
It's gonna rain ashes today...


Lillesis hat gesagt…

Sound quite apocalyptic! And like a poem, a sad one. Are you still tied to the house by the wet?

birrrd hat gesagt…

(What do you mean by "tied to the house by the wet"? And yeah, it looked pretty intense when you were driving a little bit further apart from the woods cause you could see the smoke elevating and forming a big rancid cloud.

Lillesis hat gesagt…

(Ah, sorry, I forgot a word: weather. "tied to the house by the wet weather")
Did you take a photo? And have you been to the woods since?