Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013


Usually this is nothing I ever talk about.
It's something that has bothered me for half of my life now. It's a pain in the a** and something that I shamefully hide in front of people.
It was the reason that I never could have dreads when I was a teenager and felt so boring. It is the reason that I started to have bangs and that I was wearing hats for many many years of my life all of the time.

The psoriasis has been part of my life for such a long time. And I have been looking out for a cure for almost the same time. Mostly homeopathy, but also salves and shampoos. However instead of going away it pretty much grew constantly and covers most parts of my head and some smaller pieces on the rest of my body by now.
This winter it got so bad that it started to spread onto my forehead and covered the back of my ears. Lots of small spots on my upper body appeared and sometimes I had skin irritations at my eye lids and underneath my toe nails that I associated with that damn plague.
It was really annoying.
And it can spread onto your joints and get pretty dangerous. So yes, I was worried.

Why am I telling you all this?
Because without me even noticing it the pso has improved. A little after we arrived here in Florida I started to make a liver cleanse that I tried when we were here a year ago. It's pretty easy and I wanted to do it again since my head had improved a little last summer.

Now every morning I drink the fresh juice of two oranges - Florida is the perfect place for it: We live in Citrus County and I was lucky enough to find a farmers market that sells Florida oranges (which are perfect for juicing) at a decent prize. - I have to distribute the juice in my mouth a little before I swallow and after drinking half the juice I do the same with a table spoon of flax oil. Then I continue with the juice.

Right now I'm so flabbergasted how my head is doing!
I actually don't know if the cleanse is the only reason for it or if the climate here is changing it, too. I don't know if other eating habits affect it as well - eating a high percentage of raw foods, eating lots of fruit and vegetables sure helps your body to stay healthy, no doubt about that - but what I know right now is: I'll keep on doing the cleanse for as long as it's possible or as long as I feel good about it.

Now, if you wanna try it I would be glad to hear how you feel. And if it changes anything like your skin - or any other health issues... I'm just curious. Thanks!

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