Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013


Had a yard sale all weekend long. It was quite successful and the weather was in our favor. Thursday it rained from the tropical storm, this afternoon it rained (A LOT), too. But inbetween it didn't and so a couple of people made their way here. Thanks weather god!

Apart from that not much to tell you about. I couldn't move on with my sewing project because every kind of table in the house was moved outside for the sale. It was hot. I had some carrot juice. And we just watched "pet sematary".

Saw the movie for the first time. Just got the whole story told in a very crooked version by a friend on our way home when I was in elementary school. It included an "evil dwarf" and that was probably the most funny part for me today. We had a great moment when I told Sisto about "evil dwarf" as I realized it was the kid. Yeah. Thanks, Patrizia, you made my day!

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