Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

summer days of october

Yeah, I know, it's been silent around here. The thing is there is nothing going on I could tell you about. I am back in Florida. The weather is finally starting to feel a lot nicer - more like summer in germany, with warm days and a little less warm to sometimes even cool nights. I don't really miss real autumn right now, though those couple of autumn days I did experience in germany were a pleasure to me. I'm just excited to get to know a different kind of Florida right now. A less humid one. A less destructive one. A more welcoming one.

However, now is the time for me to spend my time on the computer doing applications. Asking at all the shops in and around Inverness for work. I've not been successful yet. But at least I got two references cleared. See, it's all boring stuff and I really don't know why you would be interested in reading about it?!

Apart from that I sowed some seeds and right now hope for them to grow into beautiful flowers. Against the greenness. Withstanding the burning sun. We'll see, right?

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