Samstag, 5. Oktober 2013

Fruit here and there

THIS makes me crave Zwetschgen. And Reneclaude fruits. And all those other great plum relatives that you'll never find in any supermarket shelf over here. What a shame!
It also makes me miss the market in Stuttgart where I got about 14 different apples, all different cultivars (look at the possibilities HERE), I could have even gotten more different ones I bet but I chose only tart ones. Even at Portland's farmers market I didn't have the impression of such a variety.

But lets face it, I can't have it, I enjoyed the little glimpse that I had and I'm looking forward for the second strawberry and blueberry season here in Florida. And it's Citrus season, too, pretty soon. First fruit are coming in at "our" produce booth.
Today I got giant grapefruit (I think those are Pomelos) from someone's private fruit tree. And there's one orange tree in our yard and one grapefruit tree around the corner that we have access to (and permission for picking the fruit). Yes!

This little fellow just showed up on the cranky stairs next to our bedroom window. 

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

Well, right now I'd trade summer temperature, fresh grapefruits and oranges for the Zwetschgen here. ;)