Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

News from the garden


before and after

The other day I worked a little bit on our kale bed. I built some sort of raised bed and filled it with a mixture of soils from our yard. Some great compost from a place underneath a tree in our front yard that was full of worms, some leaves for the worms to feed on, some sandier soil mixed in.
Last I transferred the little, not so little any more, kale and arugula plants into the new bed. Most of them had still been in the plastic shells I started the seeds in.
Unfortunately the nights are getting pretty cool already. And the two biggest arugulas had their leaves hanging the next morning. But there's still hope that they come back.


and kale (and arugula)

I also found out a couple days ago that the compost is composting. I wanted to move it since this is what you need to do every now and then, right? When I emptied the bin I found a maggot party feasting on some fresh scraps. But there already was some good smelling dark compost with lots of huge worms in the middle. So I re-stacked it all and am looking forward to using it!

Apart from that I am waiting for a lot of flower babies to grow and blossom. But that sure will take a little more time. Calendula, nasturtium, phacelia, a lettuce mix and different flower mixes...

lettuce mix (top) flower mix (bottom)

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Lillesis hat gesagt…

Woooow, these look really nice! :) Did the two wilted one make it? Ma said, that the temperature shouldn't be a problem, and that it was maybe the transition to another soil.