Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

nothing going on but hurry, it's the LAST DAY TO SIGN

Eleven days have passed and I feel like I owe you another entry. 

I could tell you that I thought I found a legit vegan baking chocolate. It was the other day that I discovered the bar at the hot chocolate section of one of the local supermarkets. Today the supermarket opened a new store. Yesterday evening I was standing in front of the chocolate thinking about buying it. Or not. It was nothing I absolutely needed. So I passed. Just to find out they don't carry it at the new store.

Another thing I could tell you is that I got a call from a supermarket I applied at. They asked me to come in for an interview. Unfortunately the application happened about four months ago when we were planning on moving to Tampa or St.Pete and the opening is over two hours from here.

I could put up those pictures of a squirrel I made the other week. Don't know why. Probably because I was in the yard with my camera and the squirrel didn't run away. By the way, this is why I think squirrels in America aren't that cute as squirrels in Europe, even if this one looks sweet: They don't have such a bushy tail. They are grayish instead of those brown to red shades of the european ones. And they are a lot bigger and miss the little hair tips on the top of their ears.

Furthermore I could tell you that we decided to foster a dog. There's so many at the shelter waiting in line to be euthanized. Since our position right now is kind of complicated we cannot (as we were also considering) adopt a dog. But we can get one out of the line to get him another chance for life.

And last but not least: I can politely ask you to sign and share this petition regarding seed diversity in the European Union. This is very important for small, local and organic agricultural businesses and for the survival of rare fruits, vegetables and grains as well as whole ecosystems that depend on certain symbiotic relationships. Today is the last day to sign! Here's the link in english, german, dutch, french, spanish, italian, portugues,    ALL LINKS ...

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