Donnerstag, 7. November 2013

Driving home

Yesterday evening we played a show in Orlando. We had to drive back afterwards since Sisto had to work today. We just went down the road out of the city when a cop pulled us over. He wanted to see drivers license and registration and asked if we'd be aware why he pulled us over. Nope.
Because of our broken tail light cover. It has been that way since we got the car and no, we never new that might be an issue. We weren't told when we registered the car (twice) and never got pulled out before. But there's always a first time. And if he would have been in a bad mood he could have ticketed us with up to $ 140. Just because our light is white instead of read. Wow. A LOT OF MONEY. We got lucky though and he just gave us a warning. And literally told us to go get some red tape at wal-you-know-who to cover it up so that it doesn't shine white any more. That should be ok, was his statement. Alright. Lets go for that then.
The sad thing about this whole episode is that there so many people speeding, with no lights at all or driving without lights when it's already dark and driving drunk that do not get pulled over which really are a road hazard. But today I'm not complaining.. "just sayin".

Apart from that I just want to mention, I'm not really in the mood for blogging at the moment. But you might as well have already figured that out. Thanks anyway for hanging on to here.

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