Dienstag, 24. Dezember 2013

Day 24

It's finally christmas in Florida. Well, to be precise here it's only christmas eve and the real holiday is tomorrow. I feel very christmassy this year. Despite all odds and what christmas goes along with here (go watch the grinch) like full stores, christmas music wherever you go whenever you go and starvation army people in front of every supermarket who will make your ears fall of from all the bell ringing, I found some peace and comfort in the season. I got a great advent calendar my mom sent me filled with lots of nuts, treats and love. I was so much in the mood for baking that I outdid myself with the amount of recipes I tried: Spekulatius,   other Spekulatius, orange chufa cookies, vanilla kipferl, coconut macaroons, short bread, raw cookies for Sisto, dog cookies and last minute butter cookies with sprinkles for my nephew that look like a rainbow galaxy.

Today when the whole family is here we'll celebrate a (kind of) german christmas, eating potato salad and stollen and unwrapping presents. Later we go for a walk so that the 4 year old can check out his new bike and our little christmas elf G gets some exercise. I'm just a little bit excited!

How about you? Have a nice and merry christmas!

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