Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013

No pictures

I was just trying to finish a new post but unfortunately the pictures won't work. No idea what's wrong. So instead of showing you how our advent feels like I could tell you two things that are kind of important for our everyday life and decisions but not necessarily require nice pictures here.

1. We're moving back to germany. It's just not working out. Sisto is not making enough money with his job even at times when he's working full hours, which he is not always doing, apparently. And I couldn't find a job at all. So we decided that we only have two options: staying here living with his mom forever or leaving the sinking ship. It's a really bad time to try start living here. It's even bad times if you lived here all your life and have the connections and know how that's so crucial for a survival in a country without social securities. But for us greenhorns it's even worse. Specially in Florida where jobs are even harder to come by than in the Pacific North West. And my visa is running out in a half year. That is that. (Two interesting articles on   social climate in the US that I found the other day #1 / #2) Our goal: Saving up money to make it over the pond again.

2. I got the offer to work a casual labor job at the shelter. Which is a great thing, since Sisto's hours are always unpredictable and we need all the funds we can get. Yes. I wasn't expecting it at all, but now I'm in. Nice. So here I am waiting for them to process what needs to be processed and approve me for the job.

And now back to real life!

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