Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

Greens in the yard

It's time for a little update on my vegetable garden. If you can even say garden. Also vegetable would probably have to be replaced by greens. But who cares.

I guess I'll demonstrate best with a little slide show.

August, 05
October, 06
October, 12
October, 28
On thanksgiving I harvested almost all the lettuce mix and arugula since it was supposed to freeze. I was afraid that even with covering the plants I would be left with nothing. So I preferred to just cut it all. Here's the whole harvest. It isn't that much. However it tasted good and was only about a third of a seed packet. I think. I left kale and parsley and a few of the other plants seem to start over and produce new leaves. 

December, 04
Yesterday I added a little more space in my raised bed since the kale was getting to crowded. So hopefully it'll grow as big as that one plant in the middle did, now that they all have more room. I also just for fun and since they started to sprout anyways planted a couple of potatoes and a piece of garlic. 
What I learned with this little project? Gardening is a matter of patience. And to sow and plant a lot more if I really want to add stuff from the yard to my dinner plate on a regular basis.

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