Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Meet Georgia


Tuesday evening our foster dog moved in with us. Georgia.
She's a sturdy mid-size bulldog mix with a very strong mind. It feels like she believes that now that she's finally out of the kennel all her wishes will be granted. She really is a dog with a majestic (or stubborn) mind. But so gentle and sweet at the same time that it's impossible to not accept her being that way. So now that her highness has moved in we're looking for the perfect place for her. A good family is hard to find. We don't want her to end up with people that might bring her back to the pound after a bit for whatever stupid reason.

Georgia was brought to the shelter 5 months ago. She was pregnant and in early august got her puppies there. Time went by and the last two of her pups went to a rescue about two weeks ago but she still was there - waiting for someone to pick her up while hating the small kennel she spent most of her time in more and more every day.

Looking at you with the most serious expression you can imagine, she is such a funny dog. She found out that lowering her weight by laying down makes it harder for people to pull her, so whenever she doesn't want to move forward she just lays down. The second phase of laying down is rolling over on her back which she did at the kennel whenever she had to go into her crate. "Pet my belly instead" was what her eyes said while looking so very pitiful.
She will walk up to you and roll on her back whenever she feels the need for some love.

Yesterday evening Sisto was looking for G and couldn't find her in the kitchen, the living room, our room, when he finally called after her. A second passed, then our blanket began to move and only her head appeared from underneath the big pile. (No, she was not allowed on the bed, she just saw her chance with both of us in the bathroom.)

Right now Georgia is the most tired of all dogs, crawled up under the blanket, ready to sleep, after we went on a really long walk with her just before sundown. Happy Thanksgiving, I guess...


Mihl hat gesagt…

This post made me smile because Georgia and my daughter would get along well. They seem to have exactly the same personality.

birrrd hat gesagt…

Georgia surely would love your daughter. She's into my two nephews and won't stop giving them kisses (licking their faces).. : ) - And I'd probably be into your daughter. Hope you have a nice christmas time!