Montag, 25. November 2013

Cookies, Kekse, "Orangenplätzchen"

This morning I got in the mood for baking. I really don't know how it happened, maybe because I've been going through a lot of recipes to look for ways to use up my pumpkin, that I baked last week.. the beautiful blue one. Or that I got stuck on ppk's thanksgiving recipes and had to bookmark chai spice snickerdoodles. Or that I've been thinking about which cookie I could put into our friends surprise package. Or that I collected the peel from the oranges from our yard. Yes, our oranges!
Or that yesterday it got a little cooler and windy all of a sudden and felt like autumn a lot. Finally!

So after thinking about them for the last couple of days I yesterday made those snickerdoodles. And despite my love for almost everything the great girls from ppk create, those are not really my thing. Just too sweet. Even though I already reduced some of the sugar, since I felt 1 cup + 1/4 cup of maple syrup might be a little too much goodness for me.

So with this just happened I accidentally found myself on veganpassion's blog entry about her favorite holiday cookie recipes. Went through them thinking that almond meal is nothing I have right here. Thought once again. And decided I should really try one of her recipes with ground chufas instead of almonds. I bought them in germany and sometimes sprinkled the meal on top of my cereal but wasn't too fond of it, but lets see how it does in those cookies:

It does great! I replaced the lemon with orange - we had that on hand / tree - and had to add one flax egg (1tbs flax meal + 2 tbs water) since the dough was a little too crumbly. Finally I got some not too sweet and wonderful nutty orange cookies.

Birds and stars. Aren't they cute?


Lillesis hat gesagt…

Die Hühnchen sind ja süß! Weihnachtsplätzchen, yeah! Und das ist eine coole Seite, da hab ich schonmal ganz viele Ideen für Plätzchen dieses Jahr. :)

Mihl hat gesagt…

Yes thiose cookies look cute! I love Snickerdoodles but that sounds indeed like a lot of sugar.

birrrd hat gesagt…

Thanks, Mihl! I actually also wanted to make spekulatius that day. But still haven't found dark brown sugar that I trust aka that is vegan..