Samstag, 28. Mai 2011


Did you have that basil problem as well? Whenever I had a basil after a few weeks it died either of too less or too much water. It was really hard to not dry out the plant while avoiding molded earth.
Two weeks ago I couldn't resist the green leaves at the supermarket and bought a plant again.
Some days later I visited my mom. She had a new basil in her kitchen and so I asked her if she knew that "basil-difficulties", too. Sure she did.
But a little while ago she had heard from a friend from a friend who was supposed to have the solution to it. Really!
I couldn't believe it and now I try to follow the two easy rules:

1) No water from above. Spill some water into the outer pot and let the plant soak the water for some while. Remove it after about 15 minutes if there's water left.

2) Never cut single leaves. Always cut a whole branch.

Give it a try and tell me about the results. I'll let you know, too.


Anderland hat gesagt…

Mine are actually doing quite well, but perhaps that's due to the too-much-water / too-little-wate - habit, caused by me being a travel-o-holic.
I just heard from a friend that the reason for basil not doing well is the supermarket's bad earth. Therefore he just took the plants out of the bought pot and put them into a new one, and says they're doing extremely fine. - Another thing to try :-)

Roboti und da Höm hat gesagt…

Das mit den ganzen Zweigen wusste ich nicht, guter Tipp!

Roboti und da Höm hat gesagt…

Einen Stempel? Hm, den können wir mit Sicherheit gut gebrauchen, wir planen ja den Wanderpass voll zu machen ,-)