Freitag, 8. Juli 2011

Awards. Blogawards.

Wow, ich bin total baff, denn gleich zwei Leute haben mir in den letzten Tagen einen "Blog-Award" verliehen. Darüber freue ich mich natürlich sehr!

Die liebe Steffi von herzekleid und Jacy von bewusst [grün] sein

Oh - I'll start again. I'll post this in english, too.
(Not only because this gives me the chance to use a word I didn't use for a long while: flabbergasted)
I'm flabbergasted. I got two blog awards in the last days. Thanks a lot, dear Steffi and Jacy.

Erstelle einen Post, indem du das
Award-Bild postest und die Anleitung rein kopierst (= dieser Text). Außerdem solltest du zum Blog der Person verlinken, die dir den
Award verliehen hat und sie per Kommentar in ihrem Blog informieren, dass du den Award annimmst und ihr den Link deines Award-Posts hinterlassen. Danach überlegst du dir 3- 5 Lieblingsblogs, die du ebenfalls in deinem Post verlinkst & die Besitzer jeweils per Kommentar-Funktion informierst, dass sie getaggt wurden und hier ebenfalls den Link des Posts angibst, in dem die Erklärung steht.
Liebe Blogger: Das Ziel dieser Aktion ist, dass wir unbekannte, gute Blogs ans Licht bringen. Deswegen würde ich euch bitten, keine Blogs zu posten, die ohnehin schon 3000 Leser haben, sondern talentierte Anfänger & Leute, die zwar schon eine Weile bloggen
, aber immer noch nicht so bekannt sind.

To keep it simple: Post about the award. Copy and post the rules (text above). And link to the person who presented you the award.
Name 3-5 favourite blogs. Explain why you named these. Goal is to share good and un
known blogs. Therefore you should try to forward the award to talented newbies or people who do blog for a while but don't have a large audience.

The second award is just as is and should be forwarded to 5 bl

Since this is a snowball and I feel a bit overchallenged in naming 10 blogs for the award I just see it as a chance to share some blogs I think worth reading with you.

I want to keep the balance between the two topics that currently interest me the most around the blog-scape which are crafting and vegan living.

I don't know where to draw the border between unknown and known. Is 60 readers still unknown? Well, compared to 16 it is not. But maybe it is a lot of friends or "insiders" that clicked the button. This also might push the goal of sharing good blogs while sometimes throwing it over to a better known blog where more people can see what this person is recommending. Oh damn, I sooo don't know.

I would like to let you choose which award you want to pass on.

Mneme tells us about her vegan life on consume. be silent. die. She writes personal and enthusiastic. It sometimes feels like knowing her in person and since there always seem to be someone commenting a lot of discussions around veganism starts at mneme's blog. (german)

Sookie's got the Zucker.Haus (sugarhouse). There she posts about her life as a soon to be vegan sugar baker. The conflict about it is that there is nothing vegan about her education cause traditionally a lot of eggy, milk and probably also gelatine is used for sweet and sugary baked goods. I really go for her a bit confused style of writing. (german)

Nette. A kind name. For a kind blog. With lots of great tutorials for sweet and feminine dresses. A girls blog. Not quite unknown. But still worth to recommend here I think. Don't forget to read the About Nette and start to create yourself.. (english)

In "Draußen nur Kännchen" the author tells stories around the german neighbourhood and sometimes from her own life. But what is real and what is fiction? Nobody knows. I just found this blog and the stories told are amazingly funny. (german)

I also would choose Vegan Craftastic because it already mixes my favourites in its name. Apart from that here I found the food in jars-page and there I got my new favourite jam recipe. Oh and do you know about food-swaps? I like the idea. And like the blog.

Next and not last one is again a blog filled with crafting and eating (not vegan). Lovely pictures make Zimtschneckenprinzessins blog worth visiting. A little gaze into her world. And a nice point of view into the world. (german)

I come to an end:
I just discovered Kiss me, I'm vegan!. And I love it. Here it is more the vegan story and the other pages than actually the blog that cought me. Now I will go on reading the rest. You, too?

Ok. So. This was it. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for visiting my little blog!


Steffi hat gesagt…

So, da hab ich ja jetzt mal eine Menge Neues zum Lesen! Danke für die Tipps und LG,

zimtschneckenprinzessin hat gesagt…

herzallerliebsten dank für den award. werde mich in den nächsten tagen noch auf meinem blog bedanken und ihn weiterreichen.
wünsche sonne, eis und meer!

nette hat gesagt…

Danke birrrd für diesen tollen Award! :) Du hast aber auch einen schönen Blog! Woher kommst du denn? LG