Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Unfinished Monday - about a blouse called 'violet'

I totally fell in love with the design and look of colette patterns. I stumbled upon this great pattern company some weeks ago when I was searching for "bloomers". I found this for free-pattern and immediately loved the colors and design. Those light colours and the way their patterns are presented is so feminin and adorable. I didn't sew the bloomers yet. You know - the time problem...
But a few days ago - when I couldn't order two nice clothes in one of those far too expensive for me - shops (anthropologie..) cause the credit card payment wasn't accepted - i changed my plan and instead ordered two patterns by colette.

Now they arrived. And wait for me.

And I have two free days. (I just pretend I have two free days.)
And I'm craving blouses.
And I just went to get the 'fusible interfacing' (never used such fancy things)
and now: Pattern is waiting. Fabric is waiting. I start this project!



Katha hat gesagt…

Die Schnittmuster von Colette sind ja wirklich toll! Danke für die schöne Inspiration! :) Ich habe meine Kommentar-Funktion übrigens angepasst, so dass jetzt ein neues Fenster aufpoppt und hoffentlich keine Probleme mehr auftauchen. ;)

LG, Katha

nette hat gesagt…

Looking forward to see your finished designs! :) Happy sewing!