Montag, 28. November 2011

In a rush

After two days in Berlin I'm now pushing forward my little bake zine project.

I realized that if I want to feel comfortable with handing people vegan recipes I had to test them all again. So a lot of baking. But there was no time or I wasn't in the mood lately so I'm still at the beginning.
When we came back I decided I had to put my hands on the project again and finish it till wednesday. I'm not sure if that is realistic but I'll give it a try.

Now it's past 12 and I've already bought very ripe bananas and made two banana breads plus some sheets of that yummy chewy chocolate oatmeal cookies from vegan cookies invade your cookie jar (i love that book!). Second bread is still in the oven the first one wasn't very convincing. I really like the vegan (mango-)banana bread from joy the baker but don't want to put that in because i just want to feature vegan blogs. so second try is the one from post punk kitchen. If that's not satisfying, too, I have to cancel the banana bread from the zine.

After all that sweet stuff I really need a savoury breakfast.
Bread, vegan cheese (no muh chäs dezent - from berlins vegan supermarket), spread, salad and gemstones.

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