Freitag, 6. April 2012

Fish on Friday

A fish I found more than one year ago on a dutch beach. There were some more dead ones of these needle fishes and looked incredibly beautiful. I like dead animals. In the nature. I don't like them as salami or like the scampi in that stupid cafe lying next to the soup.. And especially today everybody should ask himself if it's really necessary to go on eating fish when the oceans, this biggest of all and yet nearly unknown ecosystem, is close to collapsing by human interferences. Well, you know about methods like trawling, and you know that mangrove forests are destructed to built shrimp farms, and apart from that eating fish means eating all those chemicals and dangerous poisons people all over the world discharge into the oceans. So here's what I think about it: Next time in the supermarket you just think about these facts for 10 seconds when you stand in front of the board with all those pressed-into-bars-animals.

You still want to see the not yet rotten image from my collection of dead animals?
Here it is for you:

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